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Fiscal Services

The Administrative Services Division of the Greenfield Union School District is dedicated to supporting the educational program. Our goal is to provide user friendly, cost effective business services to all District stakeholders. There are four areas of support which are focused on in order to reach our goal. We serve the district through Fiscal Services, Operations, Child Nutrition Services and Information Technology. The expected results of our combined efforts are:


  • Maintain a balanced budget

  • Plan and implement quality facility services

  • Encourage healthy life styles for all students

  • Encourage and develop more effective use of technology to improve efficiency 


Some of our more visible areas of support are payroll, accounts payable, facilities maintenance, custodial and maintenance services, transportation, student breakfast and lunch services, systems and telecommunications services.


annette M..png

Chief Business Official

(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2017

Annette Mooneyham


(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2023

Norma Yañez 

Business Services Analyst II

Payroll (A-L)

(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2019


Business Services Analyst II

Payroll (M-Z)

(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2016

Daisy Garcia 

Business Services Analyst II

Accounts Payable

(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2053

Miguel Serrano  

Business Services Analyst II


(831) 674-2840 Ext. 2087

Mindy Hunt  
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